Take These Broken Wings and Learn to Fly

-The Beatles

Who We Are

The Gilded Sparrows Network provides a pathway to healing and hope through beauty, entrepreneurship and community.  

We are a non-profit organization helping women in incarceration avoidance and post-incarceration programs achieve economic independence.
Sparrows begin as hourly employees while they develop aesthetic and business skills. We gradually support their transition to small business ownership where they see their own products in the marketplace and the financial incentives of directly profiting from their creative work.  

In partnership with Resonance Center for Women, we launched in April 2017 to connect women in criminal justice system reentry programs with opportunities in the digital and maker economies.
We remain a resource to the Sparrows, whether or not they fly the nest, by continuing to provide community and support. Our mission is to empower women with confidence and defined steps toward securing their financial independence.

The Gilded Sparrows are based in Tulsa, Oklahoma.  


About Our Founder

Paige Johnson is a scientist, a historian, and a believer in the power of art and beauty.  As the founder and CEO of Tulsa-based Ten-nine Technologies, she has achieved a world-first fossil fuel parity in a battery material.  A garden historian and author, Paige is a recognized expert on the history of landscape and the design of children’s playgrounds, consulting on the gardens of the movies ’Great Gatsby’ and ‘The Help’, participating in the redesign of playgrounds on Boston’s southside, and lecturing internationally about the atomic gardens of the 1960s.  She holds five patents, with ten pending.

In 2017 Paige launched the Gilded Sparrows Network, a program that employs women involved with the justice system provides workskills training so they are empowered as entrepreneurs in the maker and digital economies.